Partner advantage

SUPEREN only sells our products through a network of professional partners. We use the term partners rather than dealers as we strongly believe good sustainable business requires a partnership.

The professional partner model ensures that customers receive the right products from trained, experienced companies and that our partners have the confidence to make a full commitment to specifying, installing and supporting SUPEREN products. We call our partner program partner ADVANTAGE.


What we offer

  • Being a SUPEREN partner means you have a commitment that we will
  • Never sell directly to customers
  • That we promote our partners alongside our products
  • Provide premium supporting information, infrastructure, software, sales and marketing tools and technical support
  • Provide product margins to sustain an interesting and healthy business
  • Make doing solar product business as easy as we can

Requirements –

What you need to do

  • To ensure that our partners are solar product professionals we have some minimum requirements that we expect to be met in the following areas:
  • Training of sales and technical staff to ensure systems are specified and installed correctly
  • Quality standards for system installation with customer references
  • A minimum number of systems that are installed per year to ensure familiarity with products
  • A commitment to support promotion of SUPEREN solutions in a given market

Process –

How to get there

If you would like to join the hundreds of partners who are selling and installing SUPEREN products around the world then please complete our become a partner form, one of our distributors or one of the channel management team will be in touch to discuss the opportunity further with you.