Base Transceiver Stations (BTS)

The global development of base transceiver stations is increasingly taking place in regions in which the powerdistribution grid often breaks down for long periods of timeor where there is no access to the power distributiongrid. In order to also ensure an electricity supply to BTSs in such regions, diesel generators are being installed.These require a high level of maintenance work and consume relatively high amounts of diesel fuel for low leveloutputs. As a result diesel generators incurhigh operatingexpenses (OPEX) and present the operators ofmobilecommunications networks withthe challenge of having to limit their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

With electricity supplies based on Off-Grid solar power systems, SuperEn offersa solution for hybrid battery/generator supply systemswhich are able to be extended flexibly throughrenewable energy sources. As aresult the BTS operators are presented with opportunities for desirablereductions of the operating expenses.

System Features:

  •  Engineered in Germany
  •  Possibility for the supply of AC loads and DC loads in battery operation.
  •  Optional use of 1-phase or 3-phase generators and the power distribution grid.
  •  Selection between positive or negative grounding of the DC bus.
  •  Flexible system design with the use of various renewable energy sources.